Proud Projects That Make Us Stand Out

E-Learning is changing the usual learning experience. It has become the new standard way of learning and is highly beneficial to students due to its flexibility, low cost, and user experience. There are a lot of e-learning websites offering free online courses and certifications. After all, websites fill the gap between online learners and educators.

Key Features : -

  • Online admissions
  • Reporting and data analysis
  • Database management and backups
  • Course creation will help you to streamline your process.
  • Online payments are efficient and simple than the manual payment method. So, facilitate your customers with a comfortable payment method which will increase the conversions and sales.
  • Skills and certification tracking is one of the most important LMS features meant for measuring the student’s performance. You can even report on employee progress, showing the immediate returns of your efforts.
  • It also provides an extra facility for students to get answers from their fellow students or professors.
  • Dashboards can offer students, parents, and teachers a way to better visualize progress through a semester by providing a mix of reports and assessments