Career counseling is a type of advice-giving and support provided by career counselors to their clients, to help the clients manage their journey through life, learning and work changes (career). This includes career exploration, making career choices, managing career changes, lifelong career development and dealing with other career-related issues.

Importance of Career Counselling

1. Removes The Confusion Regarding Career Path.

Experts working in a career counselling sector often stress on the fact that career opportunities are increasing day by day. This in turn ultimately affects the choice of a student as he has a wide array of options to choose from. This situation generally leads to confusion for a student or even a professional who has to choose which domain to work in. When they have hundreds and thousands of choices, picking up the most suitable and valuable one is difficult. This is where career counselling comes into picture as it helps remove the confusion regarding which career path to choose through several activities, sessions, aptitude tests, etc.

2. Shows The Right Education Path.

Education setting is yet another very imperative aspect which has changed in today's time. Unfortunately, it is now can considered as a business because the education sector has positioned itself as one of the most lucrative one these days. Coaching institutes, schools, and other teaching organizations are luring students with highly engaging advertisements. They charge hefty fees in the name of quality education and when the student graduates, it becomes difficult for him to even get a good job profile with handsome salary. This is where career counselling helps as it shows the right education path and clears the airs between the institutions and courses showing fake dreams and the ones providing quality education.

3. Provides Technology Equipped Guidance.

When everything in the world has embraced tech driven solutions, career counselling as well has started designing digital and accurate results with logic and calculations. Other than career counsellors and companies, in case you are a career oriented person then you must have already heard about career assessment tests. And, if you have not, career assessment tests are basically a widely used method in order to inspect the personal and professional skills of a student and his mind. So career counselling today comes with technology equipped tests and results which makes it even more authentic and credible.

4. Guides Based on Competition in the field.

With more number of job opportunities in the market than ever, there is an expansion of the academic sphere as well. In today's time, the career ladder does not really end at graduation, instead, it is growing even further. Students now want to do a Masters or Ph.D. after their graduation. This shift is observed due to the fact that there is a significant disparity in the demand and supply. Now, students are looking for valuable certification and diploma courses which can greatly increase the value of their main degree and enhance their career and profile. In order to take such a decision, it becomes important to take career counselling as it provides facts and figures about which professional course or diploma can reap fruitful results in the future.

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