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Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a branch of Computer Science that uses algorithms to imitate the way in which humans learn. It uses statistical methods to train algorithms and make predictions. The accuracy of these predictions improves over time.As the amount of data increases and big data continues to grow, the demand for data scientists increases along with. Machine learning is one of the most in-demand Data Science skills, which allows data scientists to increase the accuracy of predictions of software applications, without explicitly programming them to do so.These algorithms make use of historical data to predict output values and these insights and predictions enable businesses to make smart decisions.

Course Overview

Nowadays, everything is getting computerized with the advancement of technology. If you have some idea in this field, then you can easily build a career out of it. This is why one should have knowledge of computer science and programming skills for a brighter future. Those who know programming languages have a good future scope and can get better job opportunities.

  • Programming Languages like R, Python, C++, and Java.

  • Machine Learning Algorithms and Techniques

  • Relation between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

  • Artificial Neural Networks and their applications.

  • Reinforcement Learning and Deep Learning.

Machine Learning is a technology that has witnessed an exponential rise in its usage and popularity in the last couple of years. A huge number of aspirants from around the world are quickly learning this technology and putting the knowledge to various use.

  • Continuous Improvement. Machine Learning algorithms are capable of learning from the data we provide.

  • Automation for everything.

  • Highly error-prone.

  • Trends and patterns identification.

  • Wide range of applications.

  • Duration 6 Months
  • Quizzes 2
  • Pass Parcentages 70%
  • Maximum Retakes 5
  • Rating 4.9(80 reviews)

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