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The threats of cyber attacks are a fact of life and a fact of business - and your customers know it. Wipro’s Cybersecurity and Risk Service can help you stay ahead of the threats and put your customers minds at ease. We take an integrated approach to protection that prioritizes not only prevention, but also minimizing risk and controlling loss. Our portfolio of Cyber Defense Platforms is designed to deploy the right solutions to keep your company protected, and resilient, whatever the circumstances.

What We Think

Demysatisfying the Hacker PersonaDynamic Thread Modeling

"As markets across the globe continue their digital-first approach toward empowering customers to meet demand at scale, the resulting IT landscape must become increasingly sophisticated and complex to prevail. Although digital transformation promises to drive business initiatives, cybersecurity concerns keep technology leaders up at night. As DevSecOps, cloud transformation themes, and agile initiatives fast-track IT and business, security considerations are often left behind as leaders focus on delivery."

How to Keep Your Virtual Desktop Environment Secure

"Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is not a new environment or a new technology. Since it has become the standard for many organizations’ desktop infrastructure, managing the risks and threats to the VDI landscape is very critical for business continuity. Planning helps to ensure that the virtual environment is as secure as possible and in compliance with all relevant policies and applicable regulations. Periodic risk assessment to the maintaining the controls, and a firm action plan to mitigate."

How to Manage Risk In The Cloud

"Cloud is a journey every enterprise is undertaking for various reasons, and due to the current crisis, it has assumed an accelerated mode. The new normal has tremendously increased remote working, which means potential increase in threat vectors and attack surfaces. This puts business resilience at the forefront. In the market, there are solutions which address one or couple of these areas and fall into the category of Cloud Security Posture Management and Cloud Workload Protection Platform. However, these fall short of the need."

Cyber Information Sharing: Building Collective Resilience

"The overwhelming dependence on technology and digital infrastructures has given rise to new cyber ecosystems, which have enabled many businesses to continue operations and even reinvent themselves in the new normal. Although new technologies promise to protect institutions from advanced cyberattacks, no single stakeholder can identify and address every threat in the evolving digital landscape. The potential impact of cyberattacks is one of the biggest risks facing the global economy today."

Context: The Core of a Successful Zero Trust Strategy

"The network is no longer the sacrosanct environment where good and bad guys can be distinctly identified and access restricted to ensure security. Defining the perimeter or zones as part of securing the network does not suffice now. With the advent of cloud, remote working, and mobile, the earlier concept is dissolved. Whether it is cloud SaaS applications or running in IaaS, our workloads and users have escaped that perimeter. strategic partners with specific access requirement than others."

How to Make Artificial Intelligence Core to Your Cybersecurity Strategy

"Understanding what the AI technologies can do for you, how you can get past the adoption hurdles, and how to achieve non-linear growth in speed, scale and agility are some of the biggest challenges we face when considering the use of AI in cybersecurity and risk. In addition, use of AI solutions should not be interpreted as “replacing a team” but instead, complementing your team to increase productivity. As such, the use of AI should be core to your cybersecurity strategy."