Proud Projects That Make Us Stand Out

Solving the mental puzzles can be one of the best ways to tickle your brain cells and keep them active. This can be a great way to kill idle time while waiting for the cab or traveling or during your office break. If you dislike maths, chemistry, or general knowledge, then quiz apps can be a fun loving way to educate yourself in an interesting way. Quiz app development can help the people in mastering their subjects along with enjoying.

Key Features : -

  • Challenge feature in the app will make the quiz even more interesting and be interacting with the users.
  • Multi-media Based Quiz
  • There should be a specific time limit set for answering any question. The user should be allowed to change the timing as per his choice.
  • The user should be allowed to check how many quizzes he has played and what are their results.
  • After the quiz ends, a report page should be displayed showing a number of questions answered correctly and vice versa.
  • League:-In case of the league, the player can pick a specific date and time. He can play quiz at his convenient time and the winner gets points.